Conference & Dinner – 6th December 2018

Paul SmeePaul Smee
Chairman of the Conveyancing Association

… the Government is listening!

Do you want to know what is really going on, and be part of the solution, to shape how future generations will buy and sell property? Then this is a day you cannot afford to miss!

Join the debate and have your say on the greatest upheaval in the home moving process since 1925!

The 2018 CA Conference will bring you bang up to date with everything that is going on to shape the future of our industry. Keen to take commercial advantage of the digital future and – or to see how it will affect your business? The day is packed with valuable information to help you plan and define your conveyancing future.

It has been just over a year since the Government published their Call for Evidence on improving the home buying and selling process and you would be excused in thinking that everything has gone strangely quiet … or maybe “stuff “ is happening behind the scenes and you just don’t know about it??!!

One of the key elements of the Government’s Call for Evidence was the requirement for an industry wide representative group to meet, discuss and work collaboratively with Government to identify realistic solutions to some of the deficiencies in the home moving process.

The industry has been fortunate to have property expert, radio and television consumer champion Kate Faulkner prepared to take up the challenge on behalf of consumers by inviting people from across all sectors of the industry to create a think tank of experts to report to Government on what industry believes the solutions are.

Since its creation in January this year, the Home Buying and Selling Group (HBSG), has developed working parties to debate the 5 key areas identified as necessary to improve the home moving process for the consumer.

The 2018 CA Conference is an opportunity for the wider profession and home buying industry to come together to hear direct from Government, the Law Commission and the HSBG on the work that has been undertaken. It is an opportunity for delegates to learn and to provide feedback – this is an industry wide debate and your views will be invaluable to all parties in their discussions and deliberations.

Law firms face a number of challenges in the coming year, including transparent pricing, data protection and the rate of technological advancements. Keeping up with the pace of change can be difficult. Throughout an insightful presentation, Scott Bozinis from InfoTrack will investigate businesses who understand consumer behaviour and innovation have been able to take advantage of technology, leading to great success.

We will also look at what the future looks like today and view the technologies that already available to us right now and HOW they can improve the conveyancing industry immediately. We will discuss the need for a Conveyancing Taskforce to prepare the way for Digital conveyancing.

This conference is all about embracing change and the digital future. Keynote speaker, Jim Lawless, will inspire us to tame our inner tiger and to embrace the changes necessary for the future of digital conveyancing.

Lets not be in any doubt – our conveyancing industry is seen as ripe for disruption, with easy pickings and many a Prop Tech Company is eyeing up how they can grab a piece of the Conveyancing Industry.

Join us on the 6th December and see the future of conveyancing – here and now!!


CA Dinner

This is a great opportunity to network and socialise with colleagues and key stakeholders within the conveyancing industry.

There will be an opportunity following the conference for a stadium tour of the changing rooms, hospitality boxes and pitch side. Should you be interested in a stadium tour, don’t forget to check the box on your booking form!

This year we anticipate over 200 delegates will dine in the impressive surroundings overlooking the Etihad Stadium. A live band will provide the entertainment for the evening with an opportunity for a couple of karaoke numbers later on…

The dress code will be lounge suits, as many of our guests will be attending from the Conference.

We look forward to seeing you there!