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The Conveyancing Association Cyberfraud and Fraud Protocol For England and Wales

The property industry has become a significant target for criminals. Whether it be through phishing, vishing or smishing, our own and our client’s money are under threat.

The Conveyancing Association members are working together to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to succeed with the aim to drive cyber crime out of the industry.

There are real dangers, in the week of the launch of the Conveyancing Association protocol news came of yet another client who had been tricked into sending their deposit monies to a criminal’s account.

The Conveyancing Association has worked with cyber experts, through our affiliate membership programme, to develop and refine a protocol which will deter the majority of criminals. The protocol has been reviewed by security consultants as well as CESG, the information security arm of GCHQ.

The Conveyancing Association endorses the principles that underpin this protocol but recognises that each firm will have their own practices which may enhance the suggestions provided or which, in combination, deliver the same or better standard of cyber security. Within these acknowledged limitations the Conveyancing Association commends the adoption of the protocol to its members as an opportunity to improve cyber security, manage the risks of fraud and protect both themselves and their clients from fraudsters.

This protocol is intended to deliver robust and efficient fraud prevention balanced between risk, profitability and the customer journey. Many of the suggestions also protect against Money Laundering or breaches of Data Privacy.

The protocol is written for both business owners as well as their conveyancing teams so that the whole business understands the risks and the protections necessary to avoid falling victim to crime.

The Conveyancing Association Cyber Security Committee meet quarterly to ensure that the members adopting the protocol are kept up to date with the developments in cyber crime and fraud.

The protocol underpins the Conveyancing Association Cyber Safe Scheme. To read more about the scheme and to apply to join click here.

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