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The Complete SDLT Solution

The First of its kind

Compass is the result of collaboration between leading tax advisers in the SDLT field and conveyancers with many years’ experience in the UK property industry. It is the only purpose-built calculator designed to account for each and every factor which might impact the final SDLT figure on a transaction, giving it an edge over HMRC’s own website-based calculator, which has been shown to make various errors, and which HMRC itself described to the Times in 2018 as intended ‘as a guide’.

Comprehensive Calculations

Constantly monitored and updated by a team of experts to reflect the latest legislation, Compass accounts for the over 40 different exemptions, exceptions and reliefs which may apply to the SDLT due on any residential or commercial purchase made in England or Northern Ireland. Where an instant answer is not clear, the system will refer you/the purchaser to an expert adviser to assess the case within 24 hours.

Protection for your firm

With claims against conveyancing firms for missed Multiple Dwellings relief cases on the rise and more sure to follow, it’s the perfect time to add Compass to your firm’s inventory. With a guarantee provided by Compass itself against all calculations, backed by full PII cover, you can rest assured that your firm won’t be the victim of costly errors that come back to bite later down the line.

Cheaper PII and full CQS Compliance all in one easy step

With Professional Indemnity Insurance set to rise, on average, by 30% across the board, any arrangements that your firm can make to demonstrate lower risk can only be welcome. Add in that Compass is designed to assist firms in fully complying with the current CQS obligations on recording SDLT calculations and maintaining audit trails and it really becomes a question of whether your firm can afford not to have Compass.

A fully integrated solution

Compass can be integrated into your existing Case Management System with ease and has a straightforward, intuitive interface that will take mere minutes to master while providing a lifetime of utility.

SDLT Compass

How Compass  can help you 

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