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Across the UK homes, infrastructure and land are at risk from complex ground hazards like mining, subsidence, coastal erosion and landslides. Every day, decisions worth millions of pounds are being made without knowledge of the consequences of these hazards, putting the investments of individuals, families and businesses at risk.

At Terrafirma, we are passionate about improving the understanding of the ground, and the complex ways it interacts with the built environment. Our geologists, soil scientists and mining engineers clearly communicate complex ground risks through our innovative reports, expert advice and ground risk models.

Terrafirma exists to ensure people and organisations have access to accurate and understandable information on ground hazards and the risks they pose, so they can make informed decisions without needing to be ground risk specialists themselves.

To see our pioneering suite of ground risk reports visit:

For further information please speak to your dedicated Conveyancing Association contact, Tom Backhouse.

Tom Backhouse is an award-winning geologist, CEO and Founder of Terrafirma who places his personal values of hard work, education, and subject passion at the forefront of his business vision. Tom pursues an ambition of changing the way in which we perceive, identify and act upon ground risks to better manage and resolve the problems that are increasing in occurrence across the UK.

Tom founded Terrafirma in 2015 with a mission to enable property professionals and financial organisations to have access to accurate and expertly interpreted information on ground hazards and the risks they pose. In its sixth year, Terrafirma has grown successfully into a leading provider of mining and ground reports in the UK, providing over 10,000 ground risk reports monthly to the conveyancing sector.

Tom Backhouse
0330 900 7500
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