CA Affiliate member, Thirdfort’s, exclusive CA offer

Don’t miss your chance to enter the new year with a secure, efficient approach to risk management.

Firms who sign up to use Thirdfort’s automated ID and AML checks before 31st December will get their first 25 checks completely free, and pay no set-up fees.

That’s a saving of £500. And that’s not the only reason to sign up.

With Thirdfort you’ll get:

– Electronic ID verification
– Automated AML checks
– Digital bank statements using Government backed Open Banking technology
– In-app source of funds questionnaire
– PEPs, sanctions and adverse media checks
– PDF results report
– Secure lawyer portal
– Flexible PAYG contract to suit you
– Personalised staff training and account setup
– Dedicated support service for you and your clients

Join over 500 firms using Thirdfort for safer, faster AML and ID checks. Email us today to speak to one of our experts: [email protected]

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