Cyber Safe Standard

The objective of the Conveyancing Association Cyber Safe Scheme is to support CA member firms and their clients in reducing their exposure to cyber-crime.

The CA member firms who meet the CA Cyber Safe standard will be accredited and provided with the CA Cyber Safe logo, which can be displayed on their communication material and website to deter criminals, to reassure clients and to remind staff to remain vigilant to cyber-crime.

At least 85% of cyber intrusions involve criminals using unsophisticated techniques, which would be mitigated by implementing the CA Cyber Safe standard.

By working collaboratively in this way, we aim to deter criminals from targeting CA Cyber Safe accredited organisations and drive cyber-crime out of the property industry.

The Cyber Safe Standard

The standard requires CA member firms to demonstrate that they adhere to and adopt the CA Cyber Security Protocol and that they have been certified under the Cyber Essentials Scheme for IT security – or the equivalent.

By achieving these outcomes, a CA member firm is considered to have achieved a good level of protection for their organisation and their clients from criminals seeking to commit cyber-crime activities.

How to Apply

Step 1: Complete Cyber Essentials
Click here to access the Cyber Essentials self-assessment questionnaire.

Step 2: Have your Assessment Independently verified
Click here to apply for verification of your self-assessment through IASME Consortium. (Other accreditation bodies are also available here.)

Step 3: Apply for CA Cyber Safe Logo
Send us your Cyber Essentials certificate and your confirmation that you comply with the CA Cyber Protocol and we will authorise you to display the CA Cyber Safe Logo on your website and literature. At our discretion we will test your compliance with the CA Cyber Protocol and report back any failings to you.

Step 4: Continuous Review of Cyber Risk
The CA Cyber Committee will meet regularly and will provide updates to members on developments, both from the perspective of risk management products and also criminal activity.
These updates will form the basis of review of the Cyber Protocol and members will be expected to update their cyber and fraud prevention activities in light of these published revisions.

Duration & Renewal

The initial duration of your membership of the Cyber Safe Scheme will be for the remainder of the 12 month period from the date on your Cyber Essential’s Certificate.

Where you are complying with an equal or more rigours standard such as Cyber Essentials Plus or ISO27001, the duration of your Cyber Safe membership will be for the period up to your next mandatory audit.

During your membership at our discretion, we may test your compliance with the CA Cyber Protocol.

Please send your application to

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