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Terrafirma Webinar: UK ground hazards and risks to property

March 24 @ 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Terrafirma are delighted to introduce a new educational talk on UK ground hazards, exclusive for Conveyancing Association members. In this 30 minute session Geologist Tom Backhouse and Environmental Data Scientist, Dr Tim Farewell will give their professional opinion on ground risk to property, and discuss recent case studies;

Skewen, Wales – UK mining history.

Geologist and CEO Tom Backhouse will discuss the UK’s rich mining history and a recent case study in Skewen, Wales. Tom was asked by BBC News Wales to give his expert opinion of why the old mining village of Skewen flooded following Storm Christoph.

Happisburgh, Norfolk – Climate change and coastal hazards.

Tom will share Terrafirma research from the Holderness coast – with the unfortunate title of being Europe’s fastest eroding coastline, and a recent case study from the village of Happisburgh, Norfolk which has lost over 60 properties to the sea. Similar to other physical risks of climate change (flood, subsidence), the hazards associated with rising sea levels, such as coastal erosion and landslides require expert assessment at the point of buying a home.

Gorton, Manchester – Why sinkholes form.

Four houses collapsed and are now being demolished on Walmer Street in Gorton, East Manchester after a 10ft sinkhole opened up in January, 17 properties have also been evacuated. Dr Tim Farewell was asked by Manchester Evening News to comment on why the sinkhole might have happened. Dr Farewell will explain why and how sinkholes form and demonstrate how different soil types can interact with our changing climate and pose a risk to property.

About the presenters:

Geologist and CEO Tom Backhouse:

Tom Backhouse is an award-winning geologist, CEO and founder of Terrafirma who places his personal values of hard-work, education, and subject passion at the forefront of his business vision. Tom founded Terrafirma in 2015 with an ambition of changing the way in which we perceive, identify and act upon ground risks and in 2020 Terrafirma celebrated 5 years of positive disruption and innovation across the UK’s property and conveyancing sectors. From an idea borne from their Founder and CEO, Tom Backhouse’s passion to communicate GeoScience to professionals and wider public, Terrafirma are now a leading provider of mining and ground stability reports in the UK.

Environmental Data Scientist Dr Tim Farewell:

Dr Tim Farewell is one of the UK’s leading academics on ground hazards, specialising in the dynamic interactions between geohazards and the built environment. He has devoted his academic career to modelling the environmental impacts on property and infrastructure and his current research is largely focused on modelling the impact of climate on ground hazards. Previously of Cranfield University, Tim joined Terrafirma as Director of Science and Communications to help property professionals and financial organisations understand complex, geospatial environmental data so they can make more informed decisions.

For more information and to register for the event please use the link below.