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July 2021

We Need Your Help! 14th Programme of Law Reform Consultation Closing 31st July 2021

Numbers matter!  We need your support to ensure that the Law Commission research the unintended consequences of a move to vendor disclosure and help us improve the home moving process for all!

The Law Commission consultation on the 14th Programme of Law Reform closes on Saturday 31st July 2021.

We are attaching the CA response from which you will see that we support the research by the Law Commission into the mandation of the provision of upfront information and a consideration of moving to Vendor Disclosure which is referenced in their consultation.

You will note that we are clear in our response that it does not reflect the CA policies but aims to highlight the areas of concern where unintended consequences could arrive.

We are attaching an individual member version, given the tight timeframe, so that you can edit and submit to the Law Commission.   Please also send to your contacts and colleagues asking them to do the same.

Thank you for your help to improve the home moving process.

CA Final 14th Programme of Law Reform Consultation Response 28-07-2021

Individual Member 14th Programme of Law Reform Response Consultation Response 28-07-2021

Upfront Information (Vendor Disclosure) Outline 13-07-2021

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