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September 2021

Guide to DCMS Digital Identity Trial Through MyIdentity

We wanted to make you aware of the alpha phase pilot of the Department of Culture, Media and Sports Trust Framework for digital Identity within the Home Buying and Selling Sector.

The pilot will be geographic but as many of our members and affiliate members operate nationwide we wanted to make you all aware of the pilot in case one of your clients is involved, or you would like to volunteer to be part of the pilot.

Please see the guides below produced by the project managers, Etive, for conveyancers but also estate agents, financial services, new home developers and surveyors so that you can pass this information to your contacts too if you wish.

Digital Identity Trust Scheme v2.2

MY ID – Estate Agents Guide

MY ID – Financial Services Guide

MY ID – New Home Developers Guide

MY ID – Solicitors – Conveyancers Guide

MY ID – Surveyors Guide

The intention of the pilot is to test the benefits of the home mover being able to prove their identity to one of the identity providers (several of the CA affiliate members are identity providers within the pilot) who will produce a certificate verifying their identity which can be shared with other stakeholders in the process to prevent the consumer having to produce multiple official identity documents to multiple parties in their transaction.

The pilot will be part of the Alpha Phase test of the DCMS trust framework, for the housing sector scheme.  The other schemes being piloted are:

  • Finance
  • Push Payments
  • Employment Vetting
  • Age verification
  • Pension data
  • Education
  • Open banking

The hope is that long term there will be interoperability between the schemes to enable consumers to share attributes with providers of the services. Eg age verification at the grocery checkout.

It is worth noting that the digital identity will only form part of the AML process, replacing the paper ID and also the PEP search – members will still need to do their AML search for sanctions and source of funds etc.

If you would like to be part of the pilot please email

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