Our News Coverage | June 2021

It doesn’t need to be said that June was a month where the media has tended to focus on one specific area – the countdown to the stamp duty holiday, how conveyancing firms were coping, what might happen if transactions did not complete before the date, and a whole host of other responses required around specific case studies, the fees charged by firms, and the level of business they have been willing or unwilling to take on.

You’ll see from our coverage below that a significant amount of time has been spent dealing with national newspaper journalists and the freelancers that work for them on these type of reaction responses.

We’ve also continued to push the overarching message around the improvements required in the home buying and selling process, and to also provide views on what we believe should be happening after the stamp duty holidays are over, if not before.

Full details of all coverage in June can be found below:


The upfront effort of changing processes will be recouped by time saved – article from Beth Rudolf

28th May

Mortgage Solutions


Conveyancers ‘working late into the night’ to meet stamp duty deadline – comments from Beth Rudolf

28th May

Law Society Gazette


Home moving costs double as buyer swarm stamp duty holiday deadline – comments from Beth Rudolf

2nd June

Daily Telegraph


Stamp duty tapering will not prevent substantial cliff edge

4th June

Property Industry Eye


Does your firm rely on conveyancing referrals from estate agents? – mentions the CA

7th June

Today’s Conveyancer


How will the housing market fare after the stamp duty holiday? – comments from Beth Rudolf

8th June



The frantic race for the stamp duty deadline – mentions the CA

12th June

The Times


‘The conveyancing solutions are there, we just need to grasp them’ – article from Beth Rudolf

14th June

Mortgage Solutions


Homebuying dreams on a knife edge: With just two weeks until the stamp duty deadline, costly delays are putting thousands of sales at risk – comments from Beth Rudolf

15th June

This is Money


Tell the Law Commission how to improve the buying and selling process – mentions the CA

18th June

The Times


Conveyancing Association lobby for CHAPS extension

25th June

Today’s Conveyancer


PEXA faces headwinds in voyage to UK

28th June

Financial Review


“We’ll lose thousands if we miss the Stamp Duty deadline.” Homebuyers rush to complete sales before tax holiday ends – comments from Beth Rudolf

29th June

The Sun


Scrap stamp duty hike and make it easier to move – mentions the CA

30th June

The Times


Gazumping is back! Call for action as two in five house sales are hijacked by higher bidders – comments from Beth Rudolf

30th June

Mail Online