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Conveyancing Progression Training for Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers

In a recent Conveyancing Association survey of agents and conveyancers, 1 in 5 defined the home-moving process as an ‘absolute nightmare’. 61% of agents experienced difficulties in obtaining information, whilst conveyancers struggled with the lack of agents’ understanding around their role.

Our course is designed to lift the veil on the conveyancing so you truly know what is happening in the Conveyancers office.

Reduce fall throughs and get your property sales to exchange faster! Gain a true understanding of the legal process and with top tips on where you can really make a difference.

Identify basic conveyancing principles so that you can not only speak knowledgeably to your customers but, crucially, you also have the top tips to help move transactions through smoothly; reducing fall throughs and increasing conversion rates.

From understanding who’ s who in the process to the intricacies of tenure, you will be taken step by step through the terminology and processes. Perfect for new starters in the industry or for experienced professionals who have always wanted to know their office copies from their epitome of title.

This interactive course is designed by a conveyancer who started life as an estate agent, progressing sales. Having worked in mortgage administrations and brokerage, this expert’s holistic view offers a real benefit to agents of all levels.

You will be able to:

  • Explain what Conveyancing is and who is involved in the process
  • Identify the role of each party, including documentation and day-to-day tasks
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of withdrawing from a transaction
  • Explain the key steps in the conveyancing process
  • Avoid common issues which can cause delays in the process

Topics covered:

  • Role of the parties in the process
  • Contractual Liabilities
  • Registration
  • Tenure
  • Caveat Emptor
  • Rights or Easements
  • Restrictions
  • Covenants
  • Overriding Interests
  • Lender Requirements

Modules on this Course

Conveyancing Progression – Module 1

Learn what conveyancing is, all about the parties involved in the transaction and when contractual liabilities come into play during the house moving process.

Conveyancing Progression – Module 2

Find out about one of the most complex elements of land law, tenure as well as things which impact property ownership such as convenants, restrictions and easements.

Conveyancing Progression – Module 3

Discover what the conveyancing process really involves with a full animated walkthrough of the process and top tips on how you can keep the transaction moving through and prevent fall throughs.

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