Conveyancing 2025 and Beyond …will you still be in business?

Are you sure about your answer? The future of conveyancing is uncertain, and the decisions you make today could have a major impact on whether you’re still up and running in 2025 and beyond.
Five years is a long time in the law, and with so many predictions flying around, it can be bewildering trying to get the inside track on the key developments we’ll see between now and 2025.

The 2020 CA Conference will untangle the confusion, bringing you right up to date with the latest developments in the industry, and looking forward to what the future holds.

Throw away your crystal ball and join us for a day of expert predictions and planning. See what the top minds in the conveyancing and wider financial industries are doing today to be ready for tomorrow. Together you’ll learn how to flourish and succeed in the brave new world of Conveyancing 2025!

Join us for a day of looking towards a bright tomorrow – and what you can do today to make it happen

If you’re ready to get ready for the future, you can join us on  6th February 2020 and hear from experts from across the conveyancing, and wider financial industries, talking about their plans to meet those challenges head-on.

Our experts will look at what viable financial models will open up for conveyancing firms in the future, so you can start getting yourself positioned now to be a market leader in 2025 and beyond. Throughout the day, you’ll hear from panellists who are already planning for the future. Make sure you are there to hear how they believe firms can succeed in this brave new world.

Book today and thrive in 2025!