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Welcome to Post Partner, the ‘A&I’ specialists for the legal sector

What is A&I you might ask?

A&I is the term we have coined to describe:

  1. Allocation: Directing every inbound document to the correct matter in your CMS, and
  2. Indexing: Giving each and every inbound documentation its proper name or (in Proclaim) mail phrase

We are obsessed with reducing fee earner admin. So, we have built our Allocation & Indexing (A&I) offering to entirely remove large chunks of admin time from the workload of fee earners.

Hopefully an easy sell to your team in the office!

Via our services, solutions and training, your law firm can quickly become one of the <5% of firms that have ALL their inbound documentation properly Allocated and Indexed. And crucially our intuitive software allows the work to be done by administrators, not fee earners.

Yes, you are reading this correctly… Every scanned post item, email, email attachment, app document, portal document, finance document etc. can be in the correct matter in your CMS with the correct name on it without your fee earners having to do a thing!

Why is A&I so important? Well, you may already know…but let’s spell it out…

You are currently haemorrhaging fee earner time on the following tasks:

  • Searching in the CMS for poorly named documents
  • Renaming documents
  • Dragging & dropping documents and emails
  • Tasks that ought to be automated, but can’t be due to inconsistent indexing

Plus, unless the data in your CMS is properly indexed, you are not ready to take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence.

Effective use of AI starts with A&I

Please get in touch. It won’t be a wasted conversation.

Tom Bailey
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