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Conveyancing Association and The Children’s Society

We are delighted to be partnered with The Children’s Society, who support the most vulnerable young people facing challenges such as exploitation, abuse, and poverty.

The pandemic pushed young people to their limits, Now, the cost-of-living crisis is putting families under even more pressure, making home life harder for young people across the country. Vulnerable families in poverty are experiencing housing insecurity and are regularly needing to move. This significantly impacts young people as they lose their support network, friends from school and sense of belonging.

This year 123,000 children will wake up homeless. 144 children will go missing or run away from home each day. Children experiencing domestic violence and abuse will leave home to escape, often ending up in a new area with no one to turn to for help.

The Children’s Society’s specialist teams are there to support every child, providing one-to-one support so that all children can be helped to feel safe and grow up in a loving and secure home.

The Conveyancing Association’s partnership with The Children’s Society will help to ensure that together we can build safer and positive homes for all children.

Show your support

Throughout our partnership, The Children’s Society will attend Conveyancing Association events and share more about the amazing work they are doing supporting children. We encourage all our members to spread awareness about the challenges young people face and generously donate.

As well as donating at our regular programme of events, you can also donate here via the CA’s dedicated Justgiving page, QR code, here or via The Children’s Society online store. The store allows you to purchase items that go directly to help young people and their families, which due to the current cost of living, they may not be able to buy for themselves.

The Conveyancing Association is proud to support The Children’s Society and their efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of young people.’ Nicky Heathcote, Conveyancing Association – Association Chair

Case Study: Lauren

“Lauren didn’t feel safe at home. So, when a group of older men started chatting to her online, befriending her, offering her a bed to sleep in, she finally felt special and like people cared about her. Lauren’s new ‘friends’ started taking her further from home – to strange houses, with men she didn’t know. In the end, Lauren spent two years trapped in dirty houses with child abusers.

She believed this was all life could be for her. When the police found Lauren in the house of a known child abuser, after visiting, they realised she needed urgent specialist support. That’s when Lauren met Emily, one specialist practitioners from The Children’s Society.

With our support, she managed to break free. She has restored relationships with her family, rebuilt her friendships and is safe living back in her childhood home. She has restored her relationship with her family and learned how to be safe online.

Today, Lauren is in college, focused on becoming a carer or support worker to support other young people like her. She’s got a safe, warm house and said, ‘Now I wake up every day feeling in a better place.”

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