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Our Members are conveyancing specialists who collectively conduct approximately 25% of all property transactions and 70% of re-mortgage transactions in England and Wales.

We work proactively to improve the conveyancing process and to formulate and implement best practice throughout the industry. We work collaboratively with industry stakeholders to campaign, influence and improve the conveyancing process.

Conveyancing Association members are positive and proactive firms working together to improve the home moving process for all.  Membership of the Conveyancing Association provides members with the opportunity to influence the improvement required in the home moving process.  The Conveyancing Association is a key participant in the Home Buying and Selling Group (HBSG) – the industry working group set up to support Government in improving the home moving process.

We take our members’ concerns and suggestions to industry and Government and work proactively to improve the conveyancing process, and to formulate and implement best practice throughout the industry and eradicate cyber fraud.

The Conveyancing Association Technical Protocol and Cyber Fraud Protocols are both updated regularly to ensure conveyancers can work collaboratively to both drive fraud out of the property industry, and to avoid the classic issues which delay transactions and increase the workload of the conveyancer, for example, breaches of covenant, lack of building regulations, etc.

Join the Conveyancing Association and become an instigator of ‘common sense conveyancing’.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Conveyancing Association will increase your profile within the Conveyancing industry and provide you with the opportunity to meet key stakeholders, new business contacts and friends.

Build Your Network

Our meetings provide an opportunity to network and share collective expertise and industry knowledge.

Engage With Stakeholders

Engage with Government, Legal Panel Managers, Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, the CLC and the SRA.

Trade & National Press

Members inspire and are often quoted in our press releases and articles on topical conveyancing issues.

Attend Workshops

Workshops are run by industry experts. Members share experiences and guidance on complex conveyancing issues.

Compliance & Benefits

Membership comes with a complimentary Legal Eye review and discounts on a multitude of conveyancing products and services.

Conveyancing Association Branding

Use the CA logo and branding on company promotional material. Member logos are promoted on the CA website.

Download Our Digital Brochure

Our Affiliate Membership is open to industry stakeholders and key affiliates by invitation.

Affiliate Members enjoy the benefit of being able to address key members of the conveyancing industry throughout the year to sell their services and products to the top conveyancing companies from across the UK.


Member News

Thinking about the future

At the CA we like to think that, while we are certainly based in the here and now and looking…

tmgroup webinar shows conveyancers how to advise on residential Restrictive Covenants

tmgroup webinar shows conveyancers how to advise on residential Restrictive Covenants

As the planning regime becomes more relaxed and land use intensifies, the use of restrictive covenants to manage and control…

Conveyancing Association highlight impact of ‘scope creep’ on conveyancing times in evidence to Levelling Up, Housing & Communities Committee

The increased responsibilities placed upon conveyancers in recent years has resulted in considerable ‘scope creep’ for the sector and is…


Membership Directory

We are the leading trade body in the conveyancing industry and our influence among stakeholders and decision-makers continues to grow.

The Association Membership is made up of market-leading Conveyancers who work together to provide support, advice and a plethora of business opportunities.

Our Members have the opportunity to influence initiatives, campaigns, protocol and debate within the Association and the wider conveyancing community.

The Association provides the opportunity to make friends with like-minded individuals and industry stakeholders, who share the same problems and a similar vision for best practice.


The Pledges, which we launched in December 2012, are the conveyancing industry’s first-ever set of customer service commitments which go above and beyond existing regulations and accreditation schemes.

We developed the Pledges to ensure that its members provide their customers with the transparent, efficient and professional service that home-buyers expect when making one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

The commitment made by all our Members to uphold them marks a significant milestone in the history of the housing market. It is the first time licensed conveyancers, as well as solicitors, have joined together to create and uphold a formal industry-led commitment to improving the house-buying process. The Pledges are a great achievement for the Association and represent a significant step forward for improving the industry.

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