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As you have taken the trouble to look at the website of The Conveyancing Association it will not surprise you to learn that we are a firm that specialises in residential conveyancing. About you and us 

The firm of Dorling Cottrell was established in 1996 as a High Street practice but the partners soon came to realise that changes were in the air with the advent of technology and clients who were more consumer and service-aware. We swiftly adapted our procedures and now pride ourselves that we have achieved a balance between the individual needs of each client and the objective of assisting them in realising their aims efficiently.

Moving home is an involved process both personally and legally and we and our hardworking and well-trained staff do our best to simplify the process and guide clients through all steps along the way. Technology is used as you would expect but still does not entirely replace the need for respect and courtesy.

We have a range of expertise in dealing with conveyancing and related matters for both private individuals and corporate introducers. We are always keen to move forward in the future in partnership with our clients to maintain and indeed improve the home moving experience.

Sean King
01480 409 459
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