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Affiliate Member Spotlight: Post Partner


Post Partner are delighted to be the first contributor to the ‘Affiliate Member Spotlight Feature’. Thank you for having us!

What we do

Post Partner are the ‘Allocation & Indexing’ specialists of the legal sector. A&I for short. Traditionally this has meant we help firms with managing their daily post in the most effective way. Increasingly however, we are in deeper projects with firms to efficiently A&I all inbound documentation comprising; daily post, email, email attachments and portal documentation.
Poor allocation and (even more so) poor indexing of inbound documents is a massive problem for the sector as a whole and particularly for conveyancing businesses, simply because of the sheer volume of inbound documentation. Countless hours of fee earner time are lost each week to searching for, moving, and renaming poorly named documents. SMRD.
We exist to fix SMRD (Searching, Moving, Renaming, Documents), and in a way that means fee earners don’t have to lift a finger. It’s ‘A kind Of Magic’ as Freddie once said.
In a firm utilising Post Partner functionality to the full, administrators quickly A&I the daily post (utilising world class data capture and integration software) and the A&I of electronic documents e.g. from email and portals, can often be fully automated. All inbound documentation correctly and consistently named and in your CMS matters without any legal team involvement.

Not only does this save a great deal of time for your fee earners in the here and now, it paves the way for a highly automated way of working moving forward.

The benefits of membership

Post Partner as a member of the Conveyancing Association, delivers products and services to the U.K.’s most innovative and forward thinking Conveyancing businesses. Tom Bailey (Founder) said, “As well as this, I’ve also met some extremely nice and helpful people who, like me, are suppliers to the sector.

The events I’ve attended so far have given me valuable insights into what other technology providers are working on and have helped me to better understand the property market sector as a whole; government policy, trading standards, training organisations etc.

This has caused me to take a wider look at where we can add value moving forward in joining up the (many) property sector dots.”

Tom Bailey continued when asked why he joined the Conveyancing Association. “A wise man said to me very early in my career, “fish where the fish are!”

Well if conveyancing is what you do, or large Conveyancing firms are the audience you want to talk to, this is the correct pond for you.”

We would love to hear from more Conveyancing Association law firm members to see how we can help this year, so, please, don’t be strangers.


Author and contact

Tom Bailey – Managing Director

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• T: 07981 140 151
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