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Lexis® Visualfiles™ is a market leading business and legal process automation tool with a commanding presence in the Conveyancing sector. With over 30 years harnessing the power of automation, it continues to help law firms achieve success, throughout the legal industry.

With Visualfiles™, organisations can automate time consuming and often intricate processes simply and quickly, whilst keeping your whole case together in one, easy to access electronic file. It is highly configurable and can eliminate the need for complex programming allowing businesses to stay ahead of the curve and deliver customer excellence.

It’s no coincidence that the four largest conveyancing businesses in the UK (by current sale and purchase transaction numbers) all have one thing in common – they are all powered by Visualfiles™.

Visualfiles™ workflow management software is so flexible and intuitive to use, allowing you to:

  • Boost caseload volumes without affecting quality of work.
  • Reduce costs and time spent on cases.
  • Enable bulk instructions, exchange of data and reports through real-time performance.
  • Allow faster integration with third parties, such as the Land Registry, Business Gateway and other essential online providers.
  • Demonstrate greater compliance and risk management, reducing insurance premiums and showing suitability for panel entry.

Our Accelerator offerings are also built to give you the process you need out of the box – giving you rapid return on investment, and a solution which is not only accessible to staff through the software’s familiar interface, but also to your clients and work providers via a dedicated web portal.

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