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Rob Hosier

    Rob Hosier has been in the Conveyancing industry all of his adult life. Rob started out as a Conveyancer after leaving law school and has helped develop some of the largest Conveyancing Practices in the UK. With over 19 years’ experience in legal services including conveyancing firms, Rob’s passion for the industry then led him to look at ways of improving the way we provide conveyancing services generally. He developed a keen understanding of technology and process management and has spent the latter part of his career marrying the two together.

    Rob has been spearheading inCase into the conveyancing sector for the past 6 years, dramatically improving the interactions between conveyancers and clients. inCase is a technology that has been proven to reduce transaction times by 42%, makes clients and lawyers happier and less stressed, whilst also making firms a lot more profitable. Rob and inCase now handle over 10-12% of conveyancing transactions and are always willing to offer guidance and support to firms looking to improve their client experience and profitability.

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