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Attitudes are changing – everything I need, nothing I don’t

Scott Bozinis, CEO at CA Partner firm Infotrack, looks at how conveyancing firms can evolve with technology.

As a human race, it’s natural for our attitudes to develop and change. Generally, they change as a result of social factors, learning and experience. They change over time, over generations and there are many examples of changed attitudes such as how divorce is now socially acceptable or how smoking is socially unacceptable.

One of the biggest changes to our attitudes over the last 20 years is, in my opinion, a result of technology. It’s led to a behaviour of ‘instant gratification’ or our need for everything to be easier, faster, flexible and efficient. Some may argue that technology has turned humans into a lazy, lethargic species. However, I would counter that it’s a different attitude in that we know there must be a better way to achieve our goals whether that’s at home or at work.

We all now expect to be able to use technology in all aspects of our lives – home, the community and at work – instead of technology existing as an ‘extra’, it’s becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, acting as an enabler to take care of our day to day activities. Once this fact is recognised and accepted, it is easier to understand why employing the right technology in the workplace is so essential.

It used to be that humans would have to adapt to technology but today, technology is built to adapt to humans. It’s all around us – just think smart thermostats that conserve energy or online shopping sites that tell you what other products you may ‘also like’ or online banking.

We now co-exist with technology and we must adapt together to ensure it’s a natural evolvement. At InfoTrack, our role is to ensure that conveyancers evolve with technology to satisfy the needs of those at the coalface. Our technology has to continuously adapt to the user, rather than the user having to learn to adapt to our technology.

As an industry, we absolutely must follow the needs of staff by delivering against an attitude of ‘everything I need, and nothing I don’t’. How will we get there? Well, it’s my opinion that we must continue to challenge what is considered normal practice and then evolve, whilst conveyancers need to select a service provider to deliver adaptable technology. It’s all about recognising needs and changing our mindsets!

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