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Our News Coverage | July 2020

Progress has been made in a number of key areas during July, notably the Law Commission’s changes to leasehold and support for commonhold, but also the Land Registry’s acceptance of Qualified Electronic Signatures in conveyancing and it’s release of authoritative data on Registered Leases and Restrictive Covenants data sets for England and Wales. All of […]


Our News Coverage | June 2020

June saw the first full month of the housing market being reopened – in England at least – and while there has been some progress in other countries, one of the major frustrations voiced by the CA has been the relative slowness of that reopening, particularly in Wales. To that end, the CA wrote to […]


Our News Coverage | May 2020

May was a month of progress, at least in England where the easing of lockdown allowed the housing market to reopen. This, of course, came with its own challenges and thus our PR focus during the month was very much on the Government support for the housing market in general and conveyancing firms specifically. Prior […]


Our News Coverage | April 2020

There’s no doubt it’s been an incredibly challenging time for the entire conveyancing market and the CA’s recent webinar highlighted exactly what firms are working with, through and (in some cases) against. That said, and while times are hard, there appears to be a growing positivity about the next steps away from lockdown and moving […]


Our News Coverage | February 2020

The start of February was dominated by the CA’s Annual Conference & Dinner which focused specifically on what the future might look like for conveyancing firms and the models they might want to adopt in order to survive and thrive within a changing environment. Our post-Conference press release was picked up by a number of […]


Our News Coverage | January 2020

It’s not just the start of a new year but the start of a new decade, and in conveyancing/home-buying process quarters, there’s a distinct focus on what the next five to 10 years might bring for our sector. Our Annual Conference, which takes place on the 6th February, will focus heavily on this, and review […]


Our News Coverage | December 2019

December was a month which started full of uncertainties but, somewhat surprisingly given the political climate we’ve had over the last few years, ended with a greater amount of certainty than we’ve had for some time. The Conservative Party’s General Election victory with a significant majority means that Brexit is now likely to ‘get done’ […]


Our News Coverage | November 2019

In November the CA held its final PSB and All-Members’ Meeting of the year in Bristol, during which there was plenty of discussion on the next 12 months and beyond, the policy priorities for the Association and where it would be best placing its resources in order to generate the best results. A significant amount […]


Our News Coverage | October 2019

This month’s coverage has covered a real variety of topics and issues, and shows the breadth of the work carried out by the CA, and the areas in which its opinion is needed and actively sought. From mortgage prisoners to leasehold, rentcharges to upfront information, reservation agreements to the digital revolution happening in the sector, […]


Our News Coverage | September 2019

From a political standpoint, September was a rather bizarre rollercoaster of a month and it looks likely that October will be more of the same. Indeed, at the time of writing, the party political conference season has taken a real back-seat to both Supreme Court & Parliamentary business. That is likely to continue. For the […]

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