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The Conveyancing Association Technical Protocol

In 2013 the CA worked together with representatives of panel management companies to develop the Technical Protocol – a document which collated guidance from the Law Society, Legal Ombudsman, and since then, UK Finance, and case law to provide conveyancers with a single point of reference for best practice.

The Protocol is about ensuring firms take a ‘common-sense’ approach to the conveyancing process, agreeing certain service levels between our members in an effort to improve the service to their clients and the timescales of each stage of the process. The Protocol is thereby intended to deliver a robust and efficient conveyancing service through the co-operation of all parties involved.

There are many reasons why some conveyancing transactions take longer than others, but we are confident many of the practical suggestions recommended in the Protocol to members will reduce transaction times and facilitate better relationships within the conveyancing community to the benefit of all.

As services, legislation and technology develop we update the Technical Protocol so please call back to check whether it has been updated.

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