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Upfront Information and Property Packs

The Conveyancing Association has worked with the Home Buying and Selling Group (HBSG) to identify ways in which the home moving process can be updated to improve it for the consumer and therefore the stakeholders in the home moving industry,

The sub groups of the HBSG working on Upfront Information, Technology and Property Logbooks have identified ways to make information available holistically so property data is collected and shared digitally across the stakeholders in the home moving process.  Current processes duplicate the collection of data and create delays through additional enquiries triggered by missing or conflicting information in the home moving process.

The Conveyancing Association continues to campaign for the delivery of Upfront Information in a digital format to enable exception summaries to be published to potential buyers so they know whether there is anything about the property which will impact their intended use and enjoyment of it, or their ability to get a mortgage on it.

National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agent Teams has set out its three-phase approach to the delivery of upfront information via the property portals and the Conveyancing Association contributes to the meetings to help develop the phases going forward.

To deliver material information the Upfront Information Group has identified the finite list of prescribed documents which should be obtained or ordered at listing and collated in a Property Pack.

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