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Can legal case management support your firm through uncertain UK housing market conditions?

The cost-of-living crisis and high mortgage rates we have seen so far this year have inevitably weakened UK market conditions.  The uncertainty in the current housing market is bound to impact important business decisions, especially decisions that implement constructive change within a law practice.  Reports from Nationwide confirming ‘March saw a further decline in annual house price growth, with prices down 3.1% compared with the same month last year,’ should not distract a law firm from wanting to future proof the practice and introduce ease and productivity.

Law firms considering implementing legal case management software should certainly weigh up the benefits of using a new solution and whether the software provider aims to keep law firms compliant, efficient, and profitable.  Reputable conveyancing case management provider, Redbrick Solutions, offer numerous cost-effective benefits including a unique pay as you go business model, meaning firms are only charged on a transactional basis for every active matter.  Additionally, Redbrick’s unique payment method gives firms the ability to pass transaction fees on as a disbursement.  Quotes are not charged for, enabling firms to quickly send out initial client documentation, chase up quotes and capture client details without the risk of being out of pocket should the client not proceed to instruct you.  Redbrick also offer the option of a fixed per user per month fee if you are unable to pass on a transactional fee.

Redbrick provide the assurance of a cost-effective conveyancing case management solution with further additional benefits of frequent upgrades at no cost, plus free support and maintenance.  Redbrick believe in future proofing law firms with a unique business model ensuring clients stay productive and profitable.

James Hadley, Director of KingsGuard Legal, comments:

“Redbrick’s legal case management software is user friendly, easy to navigate, and the Redbrick team go above and beyond.  Redbrick’s support services are exceptional and responsive, so any queries are resolved promptly, and the platform is constantly being developed in keeping with industry changes.”

Remaining profitable is key across all businesses and in the doom and gloom of the current UK housing pressures Nationwide have stated, ‘Conditions should gradually improve if inflation moderates in the coming months as expected, easing pressure on household budgets.’ Implementing constructive change and future proofing your law firm ahead of the upturn in transaction volumes would be wise.

Redbrick clients can also benefit from our partnerships with leading conveyancing panel management providers, TPS and Yourkeys, enabling clients to access additional transactions during quieter periods.

Discover how your firm can manage conveyancing matters digitally, and stay compliant and profitable with Redbrick Solutions conveyancing case management by downloading our brochure or request a software demo.

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