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Conveyancing Association launch new Cyber Newsletter

The Conveyancing Association (CA), the leading trade body for the conveyancing industry, has today (1st June 2017) launched its new Cyber Newsletter covering off a whole host of topical cyber-related issues and providing tangible advice and support to conveyancing firms to help tackle and prevent cyber fraud.

The newsletter, put together with the support of CA affiliate members’ Howden, Bonafidee, Lawyer Checker and Legal Eye, covers off the world of cyber security, how to combat fraud, meeting regulatory standards and developing sound procedures and practice. It also looks at what might be coming over the horizon in the future and the requirements on firms to meet higher standards.

Articles covered in the Cyber Newsletter include:

  • Cyber Security – who you gonna call?
  • Utilising ‘selfie’ ID procedures.
  • Misdirection fraud – how to prevent it?
  • Ransomware – what to do if your firm is a victim of fraud.
  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR’s) – changes required and the impact of the ‘double opt-in’.
  • 4th Anti-Money Laundering Regulations – the forthcoming changes as a result of this.
  • The benefits of e-signatures.
  • An update on the CA’s Cyber Protocol, as part of our Cyber Safe Scheme.
  • Dreamvar v Mishcon de Reya – the ongoing implications of this case.

The CA’s new Cyber Newsletter can be downloaded via the homepage on the ‘Featured Download’ section at:

Eddie Goldsmith, Chairman of the Conveyancing Association, commented:

“If anybody wanted a reminder of the all-encompassing nature, and incredibly damaging impact, cyber crime and fraud can have then we have seen it in spades recently with the ransomware attacks which have taken place all over the world, but were felt particularly throughout the NHS in the UK.

“As we state in this new Cyber Newsletter, conveyancing firms are on the frontline when it comes to tackling cyber crime and identity fraud. Given these firms are asked to make daily risk-based decisions where the stakes are high, it makes sense for them to be as informed as possible about the potential threats and the processes and standards they can introduce in order to protect themselves, and their clients, from these fraudsters.

“This Cyber Newsletter, put together with the help of four of our Affiliate members, covers off a variety of topics that conveyancing firms should be aware of in order to be in the best possible shape to defend themselves against attempts at fraud.

“We also review what the future is going to bring in the shape of the General Data Protection Regulations, which as our recent Management Committee Meeting highlighted, are causing some of our member firms real concern. The article on this topic provides some practical advice and support for firms as they work towards the May 2018 deadline.

“The CA would therefore urge all our member firms to download this newsletter and share with all colleagues and stakeholders.”

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