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Conveyancing Association updates Pledges following Digital Conveyancing Protocol and Consumer Duty

The Conveyancing Association (CA) – the leading trade body for the conveyancing industry – has today (4th October 2023) updated its conveyancing member Pledges, in light of the publication of its Digital Conveyancing Protocol Document and the introduction of the FCA’s Consumer Duty rules.

CA member firms commit to uphold the Pledges which focus on ensuring all clients, whether institutions or individuals, are treated fairly, and this culture of fairness extends to all dealings with third-parties.

Originally, the Pledges covered: quality of service, client satisfaction, efficient processes, Title and registration, combating fraud, and providing mutual support and working towards a trusted community of conveyancers.

In this iteration of the Pledges, the following amendments have been made:

  • Quality of service – focused on reviewing a selling client’s Title and highlighting issues which impact the sale, plus identifying a buying client’s intended use and enjoyment of the property and highlighting legal issues which might impact on this.
  • Title and registration – requesting that HM Land Registry expedite registration of the Title where hardship would be caused from a delay.

In light of recent digital progress, including the launch of the CA’s own Future Digital Conveyancing Protocol – designed to help firms benefit from the range of digital services available to support the home buying and selling process – followed by its updated Technical Protocol – a best practice outline document for conveyancing firms – two new specific CA Pledges have been added on:

  • Net Zero: members will take pro-active steps to encourage clients to identify how they can improve the impact of their property on the environment to meet the Government’s Net Zero targets, such as encouraging client reviews of material information to determine which properties are worth travelling to view and which are not. Firms should also look at how they can reduce their own climate impact deploying up-to-date methodology in order to do so and being able to refuse client instructions from clients based on climate-related issues.
  • Digital data storage: members will take steps to enable property data to be delivered and stored digitally to enable future digital interaction with the property throughout its life cycle. Firms should endeavour to provide their clients with a link to a digital storage area or digital Property Logbook to enable them to interact with their property details digitally when considering alterations, refinancing, retrofitting or sale.

Conveyancing firms can access the Pledges, the Digital Conveyancing Protocol, and the Technical Protocol from the download section of the CA website, at:

Beth Rudolf, Director of Delivery at The Conveyancing Association, said:

“Our CA pledges are all about how member firms can engender a culture of fairness around the work they themselves carry out, and how they can prove this not just to clients but all stakeholders within the process. This most recent iteration of our Pledges includes the addition of two new ones, focused on how firms can take pro-active steps towards meeting net zero targets, and how they deliver and store digital property data so it is able to be accessed by all those who interact with the property both now and in the future.

“The new and updated Pledges follow the publication of our Digital Conveyancing Protocol document and our updated Technical Protocol, in terms of the CA providing member firms with a range of information and recommendations on how they can secure the best experience for all those they deal with, and how they specifically tap into the benefits that can be secured by using digital solutions.

“This is all about delivering an improved home buying and selling process, and how we make that process less stressful and much more timely, which will provide huge benefits for all.”

For further information on The Conveyancing Association, please visit:


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