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Enhancing client satisfaction through Redbrick Solutions’ conveyancing case management software

Property law specialists at Ratio Law provide expertise in all matters relating to commercial property, property finance, and buy to let residential property. The firm’s proficient team delivers an exceptionally high standard of service to its clients. Ratio Law value their efficient conveyancing services and sought a legal case management solution to enhance and complement their service offerings.

Redbrick Solutions’ conveyancing case management not only grants Ratio Law the crucial flexibility they need in workflows but also saves time in information inputting and document production. Redbrick actively worked with Ratio Law to design custom workflows, enabling the firm to efficiently progress matters utilising multiple triggers to automatically generate documents, emails, and text messages with just a simple click of a button.

Sara Griffiths, Director of Ratio Law, comments,

“Redbrick’s conveyancing software means we can fully cater to our clients’ needs and design our own workflows from scratch. This is particularly important given that our work does not fit with the ‘out of the box’ conveyancing workflows. It is refreshing to be able to fully gear up a system to work in a way that meets the needs of our clients, firm, and staff.”

Ratio Law’s next steps are to utilise Redbrick’s online portal, allowing clients to track the progress of all their matters. The firm can also securely upload documents related to the property matter for clients to access at their convenience. Additionally, clients can securely submit any necessary documents back to the firm. Redbrick prioritises a stringent anti-fraud approach to provide maximum protection to law firms and their clients. The online portal incorporates the highest level of security, utilising two-factor authentication to ensure the secure sharing of sensitive information, such as bank details, mitigating the risks associated with email interception and fraud.

Sara Griffiths continues,

“We look forward to continuing to enhance our client experience and developing our way of working to maximise our time carrying out legal work.”

Ratio Law takes pride in the service they consistently deliver to their clients, with ongoing support from Redbrick Solutions to enhance their client experience.

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