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Introducing Top 3 tips: How to unburden your staff through process improvements – the next session in tm:tv series

Watch our panel of industry experts’ give their advice on what you can do to free up staff to spend their time where it’s most needed and generate cost-saving business efficiencies along the way.  Everything will be explored from automation and achievable quick wins in technology adoption, to simple process improvements and open API models.

The discussion will take place at 12 noon on Tuesday 26th September, giving guidance on how to unburden your staff through process improvements.

The tm:tv property industry discussion series is presented by tmgroup, Conveyancing Data Services (CDS) and mio. In this September episode, host Paul Albone, COO and CTO of tmgroup will be joined by:

>> Luke Robinson, Eversheds

>> Chris Harris, Valafy

>> Maria Harris, PDTF

>> Jonny Field, PEXA

>> Travis Scholes, LMS

Register to attend:

Verdi Taylor-Bishop, Marketing Director tmgroup commented, ““tm:tv has gone from strength to strength as an online debate series over the last few years and we have seen a strong and consistent desire, from the many property professionals who have been involved, for change in how we transact on properties – the current process is outdated and no longer fit for purpose.  We all know that it shouldn’t be as stressful or protracted as it is, that it’s painful and frustrating for us and our clients, that there is too much finger pointing and that reform is long overdue. I look forward to hearing what our professionals from across the industry have to share about the best ways to educate the different parties involved in a transaction to drive more trust, confidence and progress in the transaction.”

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