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Make the most of the spotlight National Conveyancing Week provides

Mid-March and despite the constant rain, Spring is (almost) here and we can begin to look forward to longer evenings and (hopefully) a seasonal boost in activity within the housing market.

I’m writing this just prior to the Budget and I don’t want to pre-empt what may (or may not) be announced, but it looks distinctly unlikely we’re going to see any game-changing announcements for our sector from the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt.

The shifting sands of the UK economy – not least the fact we’re currently in a recession – appear to have moved the ‘fiscal headroom’ dial and where once we might have anticipated stamp duty changes, 99% LTV mortgage schemes, etc, it now appears unlikely.

That said, the start of Spring does – traditionally at least – mark the start of a much busier time within the UK housing market, and given some of the negative predictions for activity levels, particularly purchasing in 2024, it is to be hoped that those ‘fortune tellers’ are not quite as accurate as they would like to be.

Certainly, speaking to many conveyancers at our Annual Conference last month, January appears to have been a strong month for activity, and I really hope this can be maintained throughout the rest of 2024.

Of course, one of the main challenges for conveyancing firms at any time of the year, is to highlight the role you carry out, its importance, and to develop new and existing relationships that help you forge a business path and help you continue to meet your objectives.

This is a difficult ask at the best of times, but there are so many challenges for firms to overcome in completing the work itself, that it may seem slightly indulgent to focus on yourselves, to shout about your successes, to highlight the positive impact you have on your employees and the clients you serve, and to put yourself in the spotlight with stakeholders and consumers in order to bring in more business.

However, you might also argue that there has never been a better time to do this, and with next week’s National Conveyancing Week it gives you the perfect time and opportunity to shout a little louder, engage with your own community, and to make sure there is no lack of understanding about what you do, why you do it, and the people within your firm who make it all possible.

At the same time, there are a number of events taking place next week that may help provide some insight, tips and hints, about how you can move your firm forward, or indeed, your individual career; not forgetting the British Conveyancing Awards which will reward the brightest and the best, which I’m sure will include large numbers of CA member firms.

There will be a lot of noise around the conveyancing sector next week and it therefore makes perfect sense to grab the megaphone yourselves.

If you’re planning to take part, even if it’s just watching some of the events taking place, or you’re opening your doors for a ‘Collaborative Coffee Morning’ next week, then please send your logo through to NCW at:

We already know that consumers tend to have limited knowledge at best of what conveyancing is, what the process involves, how long it might take, where they can find reputable firms to carry out this work, so just having your logo on the Law Firm Supporters’ page highlights to them your place within the sector, and could give them a pathway to using your business either now or in the future.

Having just had our Annual Conference I would certainly subscribe to the view that just meeting up, having a conversation, grabbing a coffee with a colleague or a partner business or new acquaintance, can often open up doors that you might not have even been aware were open to you.

NCW gives you the excuse to do this, and then some. CA is very supportive of the Week itself and what it offers all conveyancing firms and the wider property community – if you want some ideas on how you can get involved, what opportunities it might present, or how to view all the sessions taking place, then go to

It promises to be a really fulfilling week, and you’ll get the most out of it if you play a full part in it.

And finally, our Director of Delivery, Beth Rudolf is up for the Today’s Conveyancer Industry Champion award – the public vote is now closed but we, of course, wish her the best of luck and are immensely thankful and grateful for all the work does for CA member firms and the entire industry.

Nicky Heathcote is Non-Executive Chair at the Conveyancing Association (CA)

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