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Open Property Data Association Appoints Executive Committee

OPDA Strengthens Leadership with Member Executive Committee to Drive Data-Driven Transformation in the Property Industry

We are pleased to introduce the inaugural executive committee of The Open Property Data Association (OPDA), as we strive to promote the use of open property data and standards for the benefit of all.

OPDA is devoted to revolutionising the property industry through innovative and collaborative data initiatives. With our distinguished executive committee consisting of experienced leaders and professionals in the business and property sectors, we are well-positioned to drive significant change and propel the industry into a new era of data-driven transformation.

Maria Harris, Chair of OPDA:

“Having a strong and representative executive committee is key for any trade member association so I’m thrilled to have such a broad range of experience, skills, and innovative personalities on the team. To have market leading firms from proptech start-ups, established industry suppliers, cutting edge technology infrastructure, and a well-known high-street brand in OnTheMarket, is testament to the desire and commitment across the industry to make this work. I’m genuinely humbled by everything we’ve achieved in such a short space of time and incredibly excited for a better home buying future.”

The new executive committee members include:

  • John Reynolds, Coadjute
  • Jason Tebb, OnTheMarket
  • Ed Molyneux, Moverly
    Paul Albone, tmgroup
  • Kieran Witt, Kotini
  • Malcolm Smith, Groundsure
  • Lewis Scott, Homely
  • Sián Hemming-Metcalfe, Inventory Base

John Reynolds, Coadjute

John Reynolds, Founder and COO at Coadjute, is an accomplished leader with over 25 years of experience spearheading digital transformation projects across the UK, Europe, and international markets. Throughout his career, John has worked with renowned technology firms such as Dell, Fujitsu, and Lockheed Martin, delivering impactful solutions and driving innovation. With his expertise in the industry, John is dedicated to revolutionising the property market through Coadjute’s pioneering initiatives.

“I am thrilled to join the Open Property Data Association as an executive member. This opportunity allows me to champion the transformative potential of open data and standards in the property market. I firmly believe that open data and standards will pave the way for a fully digital market where consumers can make informed decisions and businesses can thrive in a dynamic and connected ecosystem. By embracing these principles, we can break down data silos, foster interoperability, and create a better property market for everyone. I look forward to leveraging the collective expertise of the OPDA to unlock the immense potential of open data and standards, fuelling transparency, collaboration, and innovation for the benefit of all.”

Jason Tebb, OnTheMarket

Jason Tebb, appointed CEO of OnTheMarket plc in September 2020, brings over two decades of extensive property and estate agency experience across digital and physical markets. With senior management roles at major estate agency groups, including Foxtons, Chesterton, and LSL Property Services PLC, Jason has a deep understanding of various aspects within the property ecosystem. He also has experience in property finance, development, and investment sectors, having served as COO of a private family office and successfully launched and scaled Ivy Gate, a Private Equity-backed boutique London estate agency. Jason is a well-known and respected figure in the property industry, known for his insights on market trends, technology, and his passion for innovation and digital transformation. He holds a degree in Psychology from Cardiff University.

“Innovation is part of our DNA, and for this reason we are pleased to take our place on the executive committee of the ODPA. We are committed to increasing transparency and digitisation in the home buying and selling process, which is a good thing for our agent customers as well as consumers. As the first major UK property portal to take a place on the committee, we are proud to be taking bold steps towards making the process easier and quicker for buyers and sellers, whilst at the same time reinforcing our agents’ pipelines and speeding up transaction times”

Ed Molyneux, Moverly

Founder and CTO at Moverly, Ed is an experienced tech entrepreneur having founded, scaled, and exited online account software company FreeAgent between 2007 and 2021. More recently he has contributed extensively to the Property Data Trust Framework as well as founding Moverly, which focuses on bringing easy-to-understand data and insights to movers and property professionals alike.

“The history of the property industry is littered with failed attempts to transform the conveyancing process with data. This has been largely, I believe, because of misguided attempts to create yet another proprietary, closed platform to which all parties have to participate. Instead, the OPDA’s vision is to build an open and collaborative ecosystem of partners. This approach is much more likely to garner wider adoption, and to generate opportunities for genuine innovation. This change is long-overdue, and I’m excited and proud to be joining the OPDA as an executive member to play a part in bringing it to reality.

Paul Albone, tmgroup

Paul Albone, CTO and COO at TM Group. As COO of TM Group, he has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of the business and also runs the technology teams that develop and support tm’s products. He has been with the business for 20 years and has over 30 years’ experience of leading tech teams in developing large scale IT platforms.

“I am encouraged by the energy that has been created by the development of the Property Data Trust Framework over the past couple of years and it is refreshing to see the appetite for collaboration by organisations from across the various segments of a property transaction. Having been involved in the development of PISCES (OSCRE) standards in the past I have seen firsthand the benefits that a standard can deliver and the PDTF takes that integration and sharing of data to the next level. I look forward to being an active member of the OPDA executive and assisting organisations in adoption.”

Kieran Witt, Kotini

Kieran Witt, Founder and CEO at Kotini, has over a decade of experience creating and innovating financial products for consumers with a heavy focus on improving customer journeys. He’s grown a retail investment proposition to £2bn Assets under Management and launched the UK’s first credit card designed for the visually impaired. Kieran is passionate about making the home selling and buying process less stressful.

“I’m proud to be an executive member of the Open Property Data Association and driving innovation forward in the property industry. In other sectors, namely banking, we’ve seen how open and standardised data can unlock innovation and efficiency and improve customer outcomes. The OPDA is here to make the same happen for property through open, standardised data that can be trusted. I believe this is what the industry needs to drive improvements to the home buying and selling experience and am looking forward to championing the OPDA.”

Malcolm Smith, Groundsure

Malcolm Smith, COO at Groundsure, is an experienced leader of one of the fastest growing data businesses in the land and property sector. His 20+ years in both public and private sector roles leading change from product, pricing, licensing and strategy have all contributed to significant share and revenue growth. Malcolm has worked with several stakeholders in the land and property sector delivering change and best practice, but more notably his time at Ordnance Survey and Groundsure have made him a popular thought leader in the environmental and GI data industry.

“I am excited to represent Groundsure as an executive member for the Open Property Data Association. Our position has always been that data can only be useful if it is accessible and unlocks clarity to the user and enables empowered decision making. This is fundamental when it comes to real estate transactions where asset value and client peace of mind are the key drivers. Our environmental content and analysis are a major factor in safeguarding both these factors and we will be working closely with the Open Property Data Association to ensure that clear and actionable information can be delivered in a joined up and effective manner.”

Lewis Scott, Homely

Lewis Scott is co-founder and CEO of Homely, a game-changing homeownership brand that simplifies the path to owning a home using data and tech. His experience includes Managing Director of Scott Brothers Group, where he advised private equity firms in various sectors. Lewis also led ESM as CEO and currently serves as a trustee for the Heroes Children Fund, supporting the children of fallen military personnel.

“Throughout history, numerous industries have surged forward by harnessing the power of technology and data, guided by shared principles and frameworks. Now, it’s the turn of the home buying and selling process to embrace this transformative approach. Currently, the transaction process takes far too long, lagging behind other industries. We need to accelerate the speed of change and bring it up to par. It won’t happen overnight, but by fostering collaboration and adopting a forward-thinking mindset, we can drive the change our industry desperately needs. Now is the time to join forces before the risk of missing out on the most significant shift we’ve seen in the property market in the last century. This is why I’m thrilled to be a part of the Open Property Data Association.”


Sián Hemming-Metcalfe, Inventory Base

Sián Hemming-Metcalfe is the Operations Director at Inventory Base, a prominent SaaS provider specialising in inventory and property reporting software. A seasoned professional with 21 years of experience in the public sector as a former Operational Prison Governor, Sián has transitioned her expertise to the property industry. With an extensive knowledge in risk management, her passion for innovation aligns perfectly with the mission of OPDA and is a trusted advocate committed to advancing the interests of consumers and propelling the property industry forward.

“Ever since I entered the property industry, I’ve been fascinated by the impact data can have when used constructively. In real estate, where trust is often lacking, transparent and actionable data plays a crucial role in restoring industry integrity and rebuilding consumer confidence. I share the passion for progress with our OPDA members and together, we are dedicated to transforming real estate transactions, creating a future where data supports property professionals and provides consumers with exceptional choice and services.”

At OPDA, our mission is clear: to foster innovation, build trust, and drive industry-wide collaboration in order to digitise and streamline the home-moving process using the power of data. Together, we will pave the way for a new era of data-driven transformation in the property industry.

Become a part of the future: Open Property Data Association is now accepting member applications via our website or contact us for more information.

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