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Our News Coverage | April 2020

There’s no doubt it’s been an incredibly challenging time for the entire conveyancing market and the CA’s recent webinar highlighted exactly what firms are working with, through and (in some cases) against. That said, and while times are hard, there appears to be a growing positivity about the next steps away from lockdown and moving to a point where relaxation might allow more property cases to begin (or renew) their journey through the process.

Through April the CA has focused on providing advice to member firms, consumers, and all stakeholders on how they can prepare themselves and their clients for the existing environment and what that might mean for their property transaction.

The focus for the CA has now moved slightly to preparing the property market to be allowed to open for business as soon as possible, in both a safe and potentially streamlined way. This is an industry which requires many stakeholders ‘out and about’ and we need to ensure this is done within all the guidelines and that cases can start to progress. We’ll continue to push the message about the industry’s readiness for this and to put in place the processes required to deliver on it.

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8th April

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8th April

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9th April

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CA defer payments on all training courses – mentions CA

9th April

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9th April

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Brokers report delays on legal work – with comments from Beth Rudolf

9th April

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14th April

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25th April

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Covid-19 crisis will grow demand for digital end-to-end homebuying – Rudolf

27th April

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Industry regulators encourage wider use of Electronic ID – mentions CA

30th April

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