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Our News Coverage | January 2019

2019 kicked off with a continued focus on, arguably, 2018’s biggest industry issue – that was (and is) the changes required in the leasehold sector. The CA continues to lobby extensively in this area and in January we issued our response to the Law Commission’s leasehold enfranchisement reform consultation. We issued a press release regarding this and used Beth’s regular article in Today’s Conveyancer to elaborate and solidify the changes we want to see – particularly referencing the future role of commonhold. In February, this will be brought into sharper focus as the CA issues its response to the Law Commission’s Commonhold consultation. The pieces of the puzzle appear to be moving into place.

In January we also used our regular articles in both EA Today and Paul Smee’s blog to look at wider industry issues, albeit without necessarily touching on the biggest political issue of the day – Brexit. How this lands will undoubtedly have a big influence on the UK housing market, with many indices, research reports and anecdotal evidence already suggesting that the purchase market in particular will continue to remain subdued as a result of the ongoing uncertainty. This may well change if/when we get the much-talked about deal.

These are certainly interesting times and February’s PSB and other meetings, will shape our media focus over the next couple of months, which are likely to be eventful to say the least.

Full details of all coverage in January can be found below:


Lenders and brokers should give clients conveyancing price and service data – Beth Rudolf article

3rd January

Mortgage Solutions

4th January

Mortgage Solutions


Redbrick Solutions launch new version of award-winning case management – mentions CA

7th January

Today’s Conveyancer


CA issues response to Law Commission’s leasehold enfranchisement reform consultation

10th January

Best Advice


Development Finance Today

Today’s Conveyancer

14th January

Law Society Gazette


Events: residential property market after Brexit – Beth Rudolf, Director of Delivery at the CA will be speaking

14th January

Mortgage Finance Gazette


Potential shift away from leasehold property and improved conditions for leaseholds – regular article from Beth Rudolf

22nd January

Today’s Conveyancer


Why we need to be able to move when we want, not when we have to – regular Paul Smee article

26th January

Estate Agent Today


Do you remember the first time? Paul Smee Blog

28th January

CA website


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