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Our News Coverage | June 2024

June has been an eventful month with the General Election campaign dominating the news agenda, and with a growing amount of discussion about what happens in the next Parliament, it has also given us plenty to think about in terms of what the next Government might deliver.

Through the month, we’ve looked quite carefully at what is on offer from the major parties via their manifestos and all members will have received a housing/mortgage market manifesto breakdown covering those policies.

At our May series of meetings we had an in-depth discussion about the Bank of England’s synchronisation project, and what this might mean for conveyancers particularly in the context of client money accounts. If you were unable to attend those May meetings, we would urge you to read Beth Rudolf’s article on this, from the 3rd June, in Today’s Conveyancer. The project has not yet been given the green light, but if it does, it could have major implications for conveyancing firms that will need to be considered now.

Finally, there has been a great deal of discussion around the TA6 form, its update, the subsequent delay to the launch of the updated form, and what it means for conveyancers. Again, please read Beth Rudolf’s article, published on the 27th June – also in Today’s Conveyancer – to get a steer on what the CA feels about this issue.

Full details of all coverage in June can be found below:


Conveyancing Association launch Guide to Digital/Electronic signatures

3rd June

Today’s Conveyancer


Potential changes ahead for conveyancing firms: Bank of England’s Synchronisation Project explored

3rd June

Today’s Conveyancer


Conveyancing Association launch digital signature guide

8th June

Estate Agent Today


‘Volume’ of attempts at conveyancing scams is ‘incredible’, Conveyancing Association says

14th June

Mortgage Solutions


Why does it take so long to buy and sell a house? With comments from Beth Rudolf

16th June

The Sunday Times


Conveyancing Association launches Online Webinars for member firms

17th June

The Intermediary


Inside Conveyancing

Development Finance Today

Today’s Conveyancer


Navigating the 2024 Election: What Housing Policies Mean for Conveyancers – Nicky Heathcote blog

19th June

CA website

Inside Conveyancing


Government policy should not determine the undeniable need to build houses – article from Beth Rudolf

19th June

Mortgage Solutions


A Dickensian legal process – Propertymark report – includes comments/analysis from Beth Rudolf, CA

June 2024



The Law Society’s TA6 Form delay sparks industry debate: Embracing digital solutions and material information requirements amidst criticism – Beth Rudolf article

27th June

Today’s Conveyancer

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