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Our News Coverage | December 2019

December was a month which started full of uncertainties but, somewhat surprisingly given the political climate we’ve had over the last few years, ended with a greater amount of certainty than we’ve had for some time. The Conservative Party’s General Election victory with a significant majority means that Brexit is now likely to ‘get done’ during the 2020 calendar year albeit we don’t yet know what sort of deal the UK will arrange with the EU after leaving on the 31st January.

In terms of the CA’s priorities, the Election victory (probably) means that we’ll see a continuation of the policies that have been pursued for some time. That means an ongoing commitment to improving the homebuying process and the CA is at the centre of the potential pilots and measures that will be launched in the months ahead. This month, we outlined a number of those policy priorities and in the lead up to the Annual Conference & Dinner we will be putting considerable meat on these bones and will be discussing these further on the 6th February at the ICC in Wales.

Full details of all coverage in December can be found below:


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