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Our News Coverage | October 2019

This month’s coverage has covered a real variety of topics and issues, and shows the breadth of the work carried out by the CA, and the areas in which its opinion is needed and actively sought. From mortgage prisoners to leasehold, rentcharges to upfront information, reservation agreements to the digital revolution happening in the sector, these are key topics for the CA and we have seen coverage over the past month on all of these.

With a General Election now called, we can expect further details from all the major political parties in the weeks ahead on what their priorities and plans are for the housing and mortgage market, and it will also be interesting to see how key MHCLG projects like the greater provision of upfront information and reservation agreements are now taken forward. The lead-up to the end of the year is certainly going to be interesting and the CA will be on hand to provide its view and ensure the best interests of the membership are fully represented.

Full details of all coverage in October can be found below:


Law firm looks to raise the bar – mentions the Conveyancing Association

1st October

Lancashire Business Review


How can the Government help the millions of ‘trapped borrowers’ – Beth Rudolf regular article

5th October

Estate Agent Today


‘My home’s freehold isn’t worth the paper it’s written on’ – comments from Beth Rudolf

5th October

BBC News website


BBC Radio 4 Money Box – interview with Beth Rudolf (from 15:40)

5th October

BBC Sounds


Reservation agreements and the need for more upfront information – article from Beth Rudolf

October issue

TM Group blog


Conveyancers warned over lack of leasehold advice – comments from Beth Rudolf

7th October

Today’s Conveyancer


Restricting covenants on freehold property causing hostility – mentions Beth Rudolf/CA

11th October

Today’s Conveyancer


Embracing the digital revolution: Proptech developments and the impact on the conveyancing process – mentions the CA

15th October

Today’s Conveyancer


Political parties outline their plans for housing’s future – regular blog from Paul Smee

18th October

CA website


Huge shake-up of sellers’ information being considered – with comments from Beth Rudolf

21st October

Estate Agent Today


Fleeced on the freehold: The sale of toxic leaseholds has been banned…but now property firms are cashing in on costly clauses in freeholds too – comments from Beth Rudolf

22nd October

This Money


How to sell your house before Christmas – mentions the CA

24th October

The Times


Rentcharges on the rise – what conveyancing firms should be aware of – Beth Rudolf regular article

28th October

Today’s Conveyancer




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