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PEXA announced as Event Sponsor of Conveyancing Association Annual Conference – ‘Moving in the Digital Age’

We are delighted to announce that PEXA will be the Event Sponsor for our 2024 annual conference on 6th February. Since its inception PEXA has revolutionised the 10 trillion dollar Australian housing market. Our 2024 annual conference will see the sector come together to review where we are now, as well as the various initiatives that have been introduced by leading stakeholders from within the industry, from Electronic ID to Online Boarding and UpFront Information.

As part of the conference, PEXA will host a speaker session hosted by Angela Hesketh (Head of Market Development UK) titled – ‘Charting The Future and Debunking The Myths’. They will also lead a panel session which will see expert speakers invite commentary on the topic – ‘Automation: Elevating Conveyancers to Trusted Advisors.’

About PEXA

For more than a decade, PEXA has been a pioneering leader in digital property transactions, transforming Australia’s $10 trillion housing market. Facilitating secure, efficient home settlements for over 13,000 families each week, PEXA’s innovative platform and services are trusted for nearly 90% of all property transactions in Australia.

Now, they’ve introduced their world first technology and financial settlement model to the UK, starting with England and Wales. In collaboration with the Bank of England, they offer a resilient and secure solution for housing transactions, enhancing operational efficiency and transparency for lenders and law firms. Starting with the launch of remortgages in September 2022, and now expanding to a sale and purchase solution in 2024, PEXA is setting a new standard for the UK’s property industry.

“PEXA is honoured to be a leading sponsor of the Conveyancing Association Annual Conference 2024, themed ‘Moving in the Digital Age’.  Our transformative technology and advanced payment facility redefines the conveyancing landscape, empowering conveyancers to navigate the digital age with precision and proficiency.  Join us in reaching new peaks of innovation and efficiency in property transactions.” Andrew Lloyd, Chief Customer Officer

Conference Overview

The Conveyancing Association 2024 conference will see leading professionals, stakeholders and experts come together to discuss how conveyancing firms can prepare for, and benefit from, digital focused solutions within the process.

We are at a pivotal juncture in the transition of the conveyancing process from analogue to digital, so the conference offers the perfect opportunity to review where we are in terms of the digital products now readily available, who needs to do more, what still needs to be done, and most importantly where stakeholders such as Land Registry are in their digital journey.

We also hope to answer the question of when we can expect the arrival of the industry at a digital end to end conveyancing process, which we hope to answer at the conference.

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