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PM Property Lawyers launch property logbooks in partnership with Chimni

PM Property Lawyers have launched a service to offer all their conveyancing clients a digital Property Logbook for their new homes. Working with digital logbook provider Chimni, PM Property Lawyers have integrated the provision of logbooks into their client management process to offer, on completion, a complete digital record of the transaction for their new home.

Tracy Harding, Managing Director at PM Property Lawyers says:  “ We are conscious that the property world is digitising. We want to continue to support our clients navigate the conveyancing journey and encourage them to use the available tools to manage their homes in this emerging digital world.”

The Logbooks contain a ‘digital deeds pack’ in a pre-configured folder.   The deeds pack contains PDFs of all the key documents generated through the buying process as well as a completed property information summary.

Chimni MD Nigel Walley says:  “As well as a variety of other functions, the Chimni logbook provides a complete transaction record and stores all key documents for future use.  Our logbooks have Upfront Information capability so the next time these properties come to market they are immediately ready to sell and convey – and of course they are already connected to PM Law.”

For PM Property Lawyers the launch of logbooks is another step in a process of using digital tools to improve the client experience of conveyancing:

Tracy Harding continues: “ It’s in the PM Property Lawyers DNA to continually improve the buying process for our clients and providing logbooks builds on that.  We are delighted to be working with Chimni to support our vision of a better experience for our clients.”

Chimni make the point that on top of delivering Upfront Information, a detailed logbook can deliver information on previous building projects, maintenance info on systems like central heating, and user documentation on white and brown goods. Also, as more of our homes have smart systems, with accounts and apps, Property Logbooks provide a perfect vehicle to handover accounts to new owners.  All logbooks are RLBA compliant and registered on the RLBA register.

Chimni MD Nigel Walley says:  “In an era of smart tech, our homes are becoming complex systems. By giving clients a Property Logbook, conveyancers are positioning themselves as part of the solution.”

Who are PM Property Lawyers?

  • PM Property Lawyers is part of The PM Law Group offering conveyancing services from residential conveyancing to buying and selling businesses.
  • The PM Law Group formed in 1990 as a traditional local law firm and has continued expanding to become a specialist consumer law firm handling tens of thousands of legal matters every year.
  • The PM Law Group offers a broad range of legal services for individuals including Residential Conveyancing, Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Wills & Probate and much more.
  • PM Property Lawyers won National Conveyancing Firm of the Year in 2019.


Who are Chimni?

Chimni is a digital property logbook company .  We provide digital logbooks to housebuilders, developers, conveyancers, and homeowners.  A Chimni logbook can be used to handover a property to a buyer but also, and more importantly, helps a homeowner manage their home in an increasingly digital and smart world.   Chimni pioneered the idea that data created about a home should be viewed as part of the asset and that the homeowner should have full access and control of all data sets. This ethos has driven the thinking behind the RIBIM project and ensured that Chimni’s code was set up to be ‘BIM friendly’ from inception.

Chimni were one of the founding members of BIM4Housing in 2014. Chimni is also a founder member of the Residential Logbook Association (RLBA) and is active in establishing data standards for digital property transactions and retrofit.


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