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Top 10 tips for dealing with TA forms to be revealed in free webinar

The Law Society’s TA forms have come under scrutiny in recent weeks due to revisions to their TA6 Property Information Forms. The updates, designed to reflect National Trading Standards guidance, encompass various aspects such as property details, tenure, parking, building safety, restrictive covenants, flood risk and coastal erosion, accessibility, coalfield or mining area, solar panels, connected services, drainage and sewerage and Japanese knotweed.

Residential law practitioners are invited to join a free training webinar on Thursday 23rd May and gain in-depth advice on how to support clients with TA form completions, including the revised TA6, courtesy of searches and conveyancing data specialists, tmgroup.

During this informative webinar, legal training expert Ian Quayle will deliver comprehensive best practice guidance in relation to handling TA forms with both seller and buyer clients, and will include extensive delegate notes and time for questions.

10 Good Habits when dealing with TA forms

Date:     3.30 – 4.30pm, Thursday, 23rd May

This webinar will explore the correct approach to be taken when advising a seller or buyer on the content of TA forms, and examine:

Acting for the seller – 

  • What should be explained to seller client before the TA forms are completed and the duty on the seller to provide an update
  • Dealing with TA7 forms
  • Dealing with the revised TA6 and what explanation or advice should be given to the client

Acting for the buyer –

  • What should be explained to the buyer and what advice should be given

Case Law – 

  • What can we learn about the potential for misrepresentation from recent case law

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