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Get a free sample of Groundsure’s Avista report for your own home

Groundsure has relaunched its flagship Avista search report. Avista now includes a full mining search incorporating (where applicable) a CON29M, non-coal mining (covering tin, chalk, limestone and all other minerals) and a Cheshire Salt Search – as standard. When buying an Avista there is no need to buy an additional mining report such as GeoRisk or GeoRisk +, a CON29M or a Cheshire Salt Search for your clients.

Groundsure would like to offer all members of the Conveyancing Association the chance to get a free sample of the new report for their own home.- to be able to see the new report up close and personal and to see just how it has been transformed to save you and your clients time and money.  The report also has several new features such as a new intuitive and dynamic front page design making it easy to locate vital information in the report.

This new design creates the best possible communication and arrangement of outcomes for each individual property, every time, with a clear homebuyer friendly summary – meaningless queries and huge time savings. Click here to get your free sample of the all in one Avista report. Find out more about how Groundsure is taking residential searches to a whole new level.

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