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How is technology shaping the next generation of conveyancers?

The demand for digital services and the convenience they can offer has embedded itself into our daily lives, with everything now easily accessible online. Consumers naturally expect the process of moving house to be the same. The next generation of conveyancers must continue to drive digital transformation in the legal sector.

With the continued expectation of an online service, boosting customer satisfaction in the conveyancing field is partly achieved by the speed of the transaction. The average time to complete a property sale is now approaching 19-22 weeks, as delays during the process often include manual paperwork, duplicated processes, and a lack of clear communication.

Speeding up and streamlining the conveyancing process by utilising digital platforms such as case management solutions, like Redbrick Solutions conveyancing software, to automate routine tasks such as document generation, communication, notifications, and data entry will improve efficiency, reduce errors, and continue to expand and develop to benefit future conveyancers and their clients. Online consumer portals offer transparency and the ability for the client to ‘self-serve’, thus increasing satisfaction.

Initiatives such as the BASPI, a collaboration between trade and representative bodies including legal, surveying, estate agency and property management sectors have been developed to provide a ‘single source of truth’ containing all the information required about a property when it is put on the market for sale. Using technology to collaborate like this offers new possibilities for quicker property transactions and data that stakeholders will be able to trust.

Blockchain technology is increasingly being used to revolutionise the home buying process. This technology will create a future-proof network for modern property transactions and has the potential to introduce transparency, security, and efficiency.

The legal sector has historically been slow to adopt new technologies, but perhaps the new generation of conveyancers will drive the change the sector needs.

Driving constructive digital change to future-proof law firms can be easily achieved by implementing conveyancing case management software that keeps conveyancers compliant, efficient, and profitable. To discover how your firm can manage conveyancing matters digitally with Redbrick Solutions, download our brochure or request a software demo.

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