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Our News Coverage | November 2023

November has been a month to focus on some of the core CA workstreams, perhaps most notably leasehold reform, and the fact that the Leasehold and Freehold Bill was included in the King’s Speech was a great relief to everyone that has campaigned for reform in this area.

The CA gave its reaction however there are still some notable omissions, and even some suggestion that the central tenet of the Bill – namely the banning of the sale of new leasehold houses – isn’t included in the initial draft and the Government will have to amend to include it at the Bill’s Committee Stage next year.

There’s no doubting that we would have liked the Government to have gone further, particularly in terms of the Regulation of Property Agents, but there is much in the Bill to commend, notably enfranchisement, estate management regulations and reasonable charges, while estate rentcharges are also included controlling the remedies and the service period for demands. It also adds administration charges, and for them to be reasonable, to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal and that a schedule of charges must be published 28 days before charged.

As mentioned, amendments will be added and there is also likely to be some measures which don’t make it to the final bill, so it will be interested to see what makes it through. The other important point – mentioned in Nicky Heathcote’s blog – is the time Parliament has left in order to take the Bill through to the statute book.

Michael Gove has said there is enough time before a General Election for this to happen, but it will depend on when that Election is held. There has been some suggestion lately that a Spring Election might be in the offing, which will make the timescales for the Leasehold and Freehold Bill tight.

Finally, on the last day of the month, National Trading Standards published its Material Information requirements – another step forward in terms of provision of this info at the point of marketing of properties for sale.

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