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Our News Coverage | October 2017

This month saw the much anticipated launch of DCLG’s Call for Evidence on improving the home buying and selling process. Political events had seemingly delayed its publication but our Director of Delivery, Beth Rudolf, had met a number of times with the team behind the Call for Evidence and there are a large number of aims and ambitions within the document that chime with what the CA is trying to achieve and the methods by which we intend to achieve them.

Following the publication, we issued an initial press response to it and we will be conversing with members in order to collate our official response. This was widely covered by the various publications and Beth was very much in demand throughout the month. The Call for Evidence closes in December but we do have the opportunity to discuss this at our Annual Conference before producing our full response.

During the rest of the month we made a number of political points, following conference season, plus speculated on what next month’s Budget might bring for both the housing market and the conveyancing industry. As always, there are continued calls for changes to stamp duty and this looks likely to be a hot topic throughout November.

Full details of all coverage in October can be found below:


CA website – Eddie Goldsmith regular blog

5th October

Conservative Conference highlights importance of housing change


Mortgage Strategy – mention of CA

6th October

Comment: We’re getting there with tech


CA response to Leasehold consultation

9th October

Leasehold Knowledge Partnership


Today’s Conveyancer – article from Beth Rudolf

12th October

Commonhold should be common practice


Yorkshire Post – mentions CA research

14th October

Sellers could face hefty fees from estate management firms


Law Society Gazette – comments from the CA

16th October

Blockchain deal bodes ill for conveyancers


Estate Agent Today – Eddie’s regular blog

21st October

Stamp duty tinkering will make the whole process more complicated


Conveyancing Association respond to publication of DCLG’s ‘Improving the home buying and selling process: call for evidence’

23rd October

Inside Conveyancing

Law Society Gazette (1)

Legal Futures

Today’s Conveyancer (1)

Best Advice

Estate Agent Today

Property Industry Eye

Daily Mirror


Inside Conveyancing

Today’s Conveyancer (2)

Property Wire

The Times

Law Society Gazette (2)


BBC Radio 4 – interview with Beth Rudolf, Director of Delivery

29th October

Money Box (from 14:15)


The Times – comments from Eddie Goldsmith

29th October

Don’t fall prey to the cyber-fakers








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