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What new challenges will conveyancers face in the next generation, and how can they be better prepared to address them?

Conveyancing transactions are often pressurised, so tightening risk management, compliance, and protection against fraud is essential. A recent Which? report suggested that remote working was contributing to the increase in conveyancing fraud, as it is now common for home movers not to meet their conveyancer face to face.

Conveyancers play a crucial role in implementing due diligence processes and providing clear and timely communication with clients to ensure successful property transactions. Conveyancers can better serve their clients by retrieving upfront information such as contact information, proof of identity and proof of funds, and through embracing technology be armed with the tools to obtain this vital information securely.

Digital platforms like reputable conveyancing case management provider, Redbrick Solutions, battle conveyancing fraud with specialist conveyancing software providing clients with multiple tools to protect each and every matter. Law firms can utilise the seamless Redbrick integrations combatting fraud including, efficient and reliable Biometric ID Checks, trusted and secure Law Firm Identity Checking Technology and best in class Source of Funds Checks, all securely capturing information whilst combating fraud and keeping conveyancers up to date with ever-changing compliance regulations. Redbrick clients can ensure the home movers are genuine as well as the bank accounts and law firms the conveyancing funds are sent to.

With multiple technology tools available and future developments and regulatory changes ahead, the next generation of conveyancers will have fraud prevention and risk management measures accessible to provide due diligence, transparency, and collaboration.

To learn more about Redbrick Solutions’ conveyancing case management software and discover how your law firm can efficiently handle conveyancing tasks digitally, please download our brochure or request a software demonstration.

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