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Our News Coverage | April 2023

As we motor into Spring and what should hopefully see a pick up in UK housing activity, the CA has been focused on a number of areas which present benefits for both member firms and their clients.

At the start of the month the CA was helping launch the fourth iteration of the BASPI, working with a large number of trade organisations and other stakeholders to help draw attention to the new version and to hopefully increase take-up of its use.

The provision of upfront information remains a key workstream for the CA, and the regular article from Beth Rudolf in Estate Agent Today this month, highlights the progress that is being made, and the pursuit of digital conveyancing.

At the end of the month, the CA also launched its Building Safety Act and Building Safety (Leasehold Protections) Guidance, which should help firms navigate what is a potentially complex area, given the introduction of the new law.

Finally, we would draw your attention to the CA meetings taking place on the 15th May which will include the first Lender Engagement workshop, amongst other important and informative sessions.

Full details of all coverage in April can be found below:


Trade and representative bodies, including The Conveyancing Association, RICS and SLC, launch fourth iteration of the BASPI

3rd April

Property Industry Eye

Today’s Conveyancer

The Negotiator

Inside Conveyancing

Legal Futures

Estate Agent Today

Mortgage Introducer


Upfront information is here and now – digital conveyancing is next! Regular article from Beth Rudolf

8th April

Estate Agent Today


How to keep you and your clients safe against the threat of mortgage fraud – Regular article from Beth Rudolf

24th April

Mortgage Solutions


‘No conveyancer can be expected to advise on environmental risks of the future’ says Conveyancing Association

25th April

Mortgage Solutions


Conveyancing Association launch new Building Safety Act and Building Safety (Leaseholder Protections) Guidance

26th April

Mortgage Solutions

Development Finance Today

The Intermediary

Mortgage Finance Gazette

Best Advice


Bridging & Commercial

Today’s Conveyancer

Property Reporter

Inside Conveyancing


The CA May meetings – a chance to share and learn together

26th April

CA website

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