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Our News Coverage | April 2024

At the tail end of last month, the Levelling Up Committee launched an Inquiry into improving the home buying and selling process. The CA has provided its response, and we are hoping to be called to provide verbal evidence to the Committee next month in order to back up our written evidence.

Needless to say, this cross-party Inquiry could provide a further step in the process to secure a better process that benefits both conveyancing firms and consumers and it’s why we continue to focus on this key area as a trade body. However, we appreciate that not all firms or stakeholders might think the same way.

Instead of focusing on the opportunities that might present themselves to conveyancers, there are clearly some who worry about what it might be ‘taken away’ from the conveyancing profession. Some seem to believe that agents will take over the process.

To that end, we would urge you to read Beth Rudolf’s recent article in Today’s Conveyancer – link below – which focuses on such worries, and presents a positive picture of what firms can achieve if they are ahead of the curve in terms of upfront information provision in particular, and what it could mean to those firms who embrace it, and the technological solutions that can greatly improve the home buying and selling process.

It is undoubtedly worth your time and we will be covering a lot of these issues, and many more, at May’s series of legal and all-member meetings, which will be held in London.

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