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Our News Coverage | July 2023

July was a month when the housing market was thrust back into the political agenda, with the Conservative Government reiterating its house-building commitments for this Parliament and also suggesting other ways it might address the current supply/demand imbalance.

In the conveyancing space, July was also a month in which the growing support for Upfront Information appeared to manifest itself and you’ll see a number of articles below from various sources, including the CA itself, looking at how it does work, why it should work, and what it will take to get the full benefits from more firms and stakeholders embracing it.

We would draw your attention to the Today’s Conveyancer story of the 21st July – link below – which is asking the conveyancing sector for their views on this highly important area. Please, if you have the time, give your thoughts.

Full details of all coverage in July can be found below:


No brainer? Upfront material information ‘best way to improve conveyancing’ – Article mentions the CA

3rd July

The Negotiator


Introducing Top 3 tips: How to drive material change – the next session in tm: tv series – mentions Beth Rudolf

6th July

Today’s Conveyancer


Upfront information: ‘Someone needs to grab control of it and sort it out’ – Article mentions the CA

14th July

Today’s Conveyancer


Upfront material information is a huge opportunity – here’s why – contributions from Beth Rudolf and mentions the CA

15th July

Estate Agent Today


Opportunities for individual firms to push their own business envelope – regular blog from Nicky Heathcote

18th July

CA website


Have your say on the future of upfront information – Article mentions the CA and Beth Rudolf

21st July

Today’s Conveyancer


Blog: Duplication of tasks is wasting time for home buyers – article from Beth Rudolf

26th July

Mortgage Finance Gazette


The right conveyancing partner can bring advisers real rewards in a slow market – article from Beth Rudolf

26th July

Mortgage Solutions


Building safety: CA guidance ‘a strong starting point in understanding what’s at play’ – article from Beth Rudolf

26th July

Today’s Conveyancer

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