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Our News Coverage | July 2016

July has clearly been a momentous month in both political and economic circles as we all get to grips with what a post-Brexit UK housing, mortgage and conveyancing market will look like.

In terms of activity, the CA continues to give its views on a whole number of industry issues, particularly around our Cyber Safe scheme, and the plans to privatise the Land Registry. How the latter might play out with a new Prime Minister and essentially a new Cabinet in place is now a matter for great debate, especially when we consider the work that will be involved in extricating the UK from the EU. We await to hear whether this decision finds its way into the long grass.

Interestingly, the Law Society Gazette has picked up on our work into leasehold costs and delays and we will be feeding more thoughts on this into the trade and national media throughout August.

Full details of all coverage can be found below.

Conveyancing Association launch Working Group on BIS ‘Call for evidence’

July issue

Mortgage Finance Gazette


Mention of Conveyancing Association Cyber Safe Scheme/Protocol

July issue

Mortgage Finance Gazette


Conveyancing Association announces opposition to Land Registry privatisation

30th June

The Conversation

2nd July

The Independent

4th July

Estate Agent Today

Prime Resi


The Guardian – comments on restrictive covenants

9th July

Don’t count your chickens…how restrictive covenants affect homebuyers


CA website – Eddie Goldsmith regular blog

13th July

Changing political landscape still presents opportunity for change in conveyancing


Estate Agent Today – Eddie Goldsmith regular blog

15th July

Squeezed activity shows why we should be grateful for new PM


Mortgage Solutions – Eddie Goldsmith regular blog

18th July

Communicating a more efficient house purchase process


Today’s Conveyancer

19th July

Interview with Beth Rudolf


Conveyancing Association outlines recommendations to end leasehold delays and overcharging


Law Society Gazette

21st July

New calls for leasehold reform to end transaction delays

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